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Style Category Question Answer
standard Firefly Shepard Book carried what item that saved his life when on a federation cruiser? Ident Card
standard Star Wars What planet, according to Luke was perfectly safe for droids? Dagobah, according to Luke, was perfectly safe for droids.
standard Classic Kid's TV What were the names of the dog and cat comedy duo on the Animaniacs? Rita and Runt
jeopardy General Nerd This long running quiz show keeps player's money at risk with it's unique take on questions What is Jeopardy?
standard Firefly What food item is said to be more valuable than diamonds? Strawberries

Sample API Request & JSON Response


GET /api/questions?limit=5&random=true


API Usage


GET /api/questions

Retreive questions.

Parameter Datatype Default Description
difficulty int 0 0 (Unknown); 1 (Easy) - 5 (Expert)
style string standard standard, jeopardy, analogy
category string Category you want to return
limit int 10 Number of questions to return
offset int 0 Offset the returned questions
random boolean 0 Retreive a random selection of questions

POST /api/questions

Add new questions to the dataset.

Parameter Datatype Default Description
question string required
answer string required
style string standard standard, jeopardy, analogy
category string
difficulty int 0 0 (Unknown); 1 (Easy) - 5 (Expert)
tags string Comma separated list of keywords
meta string Additional information related to the question
reference string URL, book, or person to cite as research source for this question


GET /api/categories

Retreive a list of available categories.

  • No parameters available


GET /api/tags

Retreive a list of used tags.

  • No parameters available